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About David Taylor.

Firstly David is from Hungerford in Southern England, and does not want to be confused with any other David Taylor, from any other part of the country, or the world.

David has always been passionate about photography, the countryside and wildlife. He is based in the heart of Southern England, and with its downs, woodlands, marshes and rivers provides abundant natural habitats for many species of wildlife, as well as acting as excellent scenery for landscapes etc. Plus there is the Jurrasic coast within easy reach by car, which is a 95 mile length of stunning coastline. He is therefore well placed to be able to combine all his interests, and he has recently decided to devote more of his time to photography, and share some of his best results with a wider audience through this website, and is offering a limited number  of prints for sale.

He also has the benefit of living in a cottage overlooking a chalk stream, which has swans, ducks & moorhens all year round, plus geese in the spring. The influx of geese for a few months of the year upsets the normal tranquillity of the wildlife. Especially as this is the time of year, that most are nesting or rearing their young. There are geese trying to claim territory, and swans trying to defend their territory. This leads to swans chasing geese, and even geese chasing other species of geese, up and down the river.

Now winter has arrived, David is looking forward to capturing some good landscapes in the clear cold  air, plus being able to visit the popular tourist locations, without the masses of tourists wherever he wants to photograph. Also, all the signs so far are of a hard winter with plenty of snow to come, creating picturesque scenes everywhere.

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